Similar to never ending story but not

Ok I’ve already posted but not sure if it posted properly, but I only remember one scene!! The film is very similar to the Neverending Story and Labyrinth but it isn’t either of those, nor is it Kroll which I’ve seen mentioned before in a post similar, although I’m pretty sure it’s from the 70s/80s, I’m 21 now but I must’ve been about 6/7 when I saw it, probably was a VHS. The scene i remember is the hero (main character) approaches a big stone door (i think) and the door requires answers to riddles in order to open, and once the hero is inside the walls start closing in. And that’s all I can remember from it and it’s driving me crazy. Hope you can help!!

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    1. I did have a look at Legend, I don’t think I remember Tom Cruise but I’ll have to give it a watch! Thank you

    1. Thank you! Not 100% sure if it’s either of those, I think I remember watching Indiana Jones but will have to give them both a go! Thank you

  1. Any of The Cube movies?
    The Cube (1997)
    Cube 2: Hypercube (2002)
    Cube Zero, a prequel (2004.
    If you’re 21 now, you might have been a little too young for these when they came out, just throwing out suggestions.

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