Silent movie from Eastern Europe (2000-2010 era)

About a decade ago I watched a film from Czechoslovakia, Hungary or somewhere around that region. It was a moden film in colour but silent. None of the characters said a word throughout the film but there were noises in it (TV and radio sounds, footsteps etc). I don ‘t remember if the film had any musical soundtrack – it probaly had.

All the characters were searching for some stuff (and occasionaly stealing it). One guy was looking for umbrellas, a woman for loafs of bread, another guy for some plastic or metallic parts to attach to his TV and so on. I think there were 5 or 6 characters in total. They all looked kinda mysterious and shady, but the film was very gripping and made you want to see where this would end up to.  You could not tell what they were going to use these things on until the very end, where the finale is one of the best laughs I ‘ve had in my life. I hope you ‘ll be able to recognize this movie ‘s title…

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