Sci-fi fantasy film

This is all I can remember. A group of humans are on another planet maybe – there’s possibly some sort of skyport with winged humans.

There’s a scene where the main character, a man near the end of the film encounters a genie. The genie gives him one wish.

He wishes he and his friends return to earth. The genie tells him no because to include himself would be two wishes. So the man just wishes all his friends returned to earth. They are immediately all taken out of their predicaments and show up at earth.


Thats it. Any thoughts? Cheers.

1 thought on “Sci-fi fantasy film

  1. The plot sounds similar to an episode of a mid-1980s animated series called Kidd Video. Oddly enough, that is the one and only episode I recall. The cartoon may have used the film you described as a basis for that episode’s script?

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