RKO or similar 30/40 Art Deco ritzy movie with treehouse hideaway

This is not a mystery but that is the only category that was in the list?? It was a drama with comedy and probably on TCM or similar channel. Movie was probably the 1930’s because it had an art deco feel. I don’t remember the whole thing (why I want to find it again!) but I remember there was a large mansion with an over-the-top production, and a guy and girl (who of course end up together by the end of the movie) end up at a tree house type room so they could look down on the party but escape from it also. I know this is vague but I saw it years ago and figured it would come back on some time but I’ve never caught it again. There might have even been a scene where they do a production – dance music or something – in color and then the rest is b&w – like the scene in The Women. It was from around the same timeframe and like so many other deco movies of the time – rich people, beautiful art deco buildings and furniture, etc.

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