Prison Scene Where Bodyguards Are Payed Off

So I’m looking to find a movie that I had seen not that long ago. It was in English and fairly new. I believe the scene I remember is towards the end of the movie. So basically what I can recall is that they are in prison and this guy is surrounded by his bodyguards that he has payed to protect him. Some other person enters the scene or vice versa and the guy with the body guards attempts to get them to kill this other person but the other person has actually paid them more money than the guy and instead turn on him and the person walks out while hearing them beat the guy they were originally supposed to protect. All I can remember so i hope someone has an idea to what this might be.

5 thoughts on “Prison Scene Where Bodyguards Are Payed Off

  1. thank you very much for making me take another thought about it possibly being a tv show. I really thought it was movie and unless you made me rethink I still believe I would have thought that. I figured it out the scene is from Empire Season 2 Episode 1. @ktprpl thanks mate.

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