Post-Apocalyptic Cannibal Cult

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– Actors you might have recognized:

Maybe Stellan Skarsgård or Noomi Rapace?

– Whether it was in English or another language:


– Whether you saw it on TV (it might be a TV episode rather than a movie):

Netflix or HBO Go

– Whether it was in color or black and white:


– Anything else you can think of that might help pinpoint the film:

Post-apocalyptic story in which the characters overcome some journey (or get abducted) by a commune (or cult) and then realize that the cult is periodically choosing at random a single person to be sacrificed and eaten so that the others can survive? An older woman sacrifices herself so that a younger character doesn’t have to die?

6 thoughts on “Post-Apocalyptic Cannibal Cult

    1. The Ritual (2017) is about a group of men who encounter a paranormal entity in the Scandinavian forest. However, it is true that the cult in that film participates in ritual sacrifice.

    1. Checked that one as well, but unfortunately no. F

      For some reason I thought it might be The Shrine (2010), but that isn’t it either.


    The color grade of the scene I am considering is cool and sterile (e.g. The Matrix or Assault on Precinct 13). I believe the protagonist is female. She and her group join a commune (or cult) and later appear in a dining hall. Everyone in the commune is in uniform and identifiable by some marker; maybe a number? There is a ritual in which a member is selected for sacrifice and one of the protagonist’s group is selected, which is brutal because the protagonist’s group has only recently joined the commune (or cult). There is a sequence in which the protagonist is eyeing a doorway, but then is distracted. She eyes the door again and proceeds toward it, but is told to stay away from that area. Later she trespasses to the area and realizes there are meat lockers with human bodies in it; the cult is eating each other to survive. I can’t remember what happens in the story after that.

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