Please help me find this fight to the death movie in 90s or 80s I can’t find and haven’t for years

Hey everyone

I’m wondering if you all could help me find a movie from back in the day… I have been trying to find this movie for years since I was a kid it’s killing me, I have even tried the underground fight to the death movie lists and cannot find it, considering it was on TV it must be well known. I watched it when I was young on TV, I don’t think it had big actors in it but it was like this mortal kombat cross bloodsport type of movie and it was like an underground fight syndicate like a fight club. It’s set in the late 80s or mid 90s I think and an old guy with grey hair i think is the leader. He would mainly wear expensive suits and all the fighters would fight to the death with weapons or barefists. The fighters had unqiue clothing or outfits i think to and I remember the old guy in a scene receiving oral sex from a hooker in the backseat of a limo and one fighter i think who was a villain if i remember correctly I think he had long black hair and was half white or half asian. American Samurai was what I thought it was however it’s not that nor shootfighter, firepower, any bloodsport or kickboxer, or most  known underground fight movies and even blood match. I do remember one scene where once the fighter was dead they get thrown down a drain… or some sort of manhole in the pit and dumped in there. oh man it was such a good fight movie, I would appreciate any help or anyone who knows the name of it! I’ve tried so many different searches and looked at so many movie fight lists but I just can’t find it! Even tried posting in reddit movies with no luck. Would love the help!


Thank you guys.

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