On a spaceship, a metallic worm poisons people, or something

Saw this show or film in early 90s or earlier. It was probably from the 70s or 80s. Not sure if it was black and white or color. There was a spaceship. Somehow this little metallic poison worm thing got on board (I think it was gold). It may have been put there by enemies wanting to invade or sabotage the spaceship. I think it killed a few people. It may have been a robot. The worm thing could also have been alive, or maybe was even a mini spaceship with small people inside. I think it may have entered a room through a vent. Don’t really remember anything else. It was definitely in English.

8 thoughts on “On a spaceship, a metallic worm poisons people, or something

    1. Thanks for the idea, but no that’s not it. It was more of a white background. Possibly a Star Trek or Dr. Who kind of situation.

  1. I’m glad you mentioned Doctor Who, because I remembered this 4 part episode from 1975. It was called. “The Ark in Space”.

    I think you can watch the episodes on Youtube.

  2. There was a Tom Baker Doctor Who called “Revenge of the Cybermen” which was set on a space station. There was a metal snake-like thing sneaking around, killing the crew. The sets were the same as “The Ark in Space.”

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