Old war movie

It’s a war movie from the maybe 1955 to 1965 I saw it or so. There was a desert setting with many nations involved. Arabs, armies of the civil war era, Ottoman, and many others. Not real sure who was the bad side but what I do remember is the ending where the good guys were about to get wiped out in some old fort with many entrances, all of a sudden reinforcements show up each coming in a different opening and what was neat is there was many nations involved from all parts of that area, I believe it to be a desert area probably in the mid 1800s. So long ago and I do believe it was in color but could be wrong. It was english and I think I was in a theater

3 thoughts on “Old war movie

  1. Close, but not the correct ending. I am thinking it had to be foreign legion setting. I remember bag pipes being played as the troops came to the rescue. This move is all about the ending. Final scene all hope is lost and reinforcements arrive to save the day. They enter thru different lg gates and come from different regions of the world. Brits, India, America, so forth

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