old (?) spanish film about a lone woman

this is going to sound really weird, but here it goes. From what I remember, this is a old film I saw as a kid on the TV, it’s in color and supposedly it stars Jacqueline Andere according to my dad since i’ve asked him about it. The movie is in Spanish and from what I remember, this older looking woman lived alone and she lived in what appeared like apartments and this young boy would show up throughout the film and the two had a sort of bond with each other and at the end of the film the boy looks like his asleep? (not sure if his dead or not or what happened to him but he has his eyes closed and does not speak) and from what I remember he didn’t have a shirt nor pants on and i think it may have been white shorts he had on? but the lady paints his body golden so his like a completely golden boy and then takes him in her arms and gently places him on an alter in her house. I think that’s how the film ends but those are major points I remember. I know it sounds extremely weird but I’ve always wanted to know the name of this movie and i’ve already attempted to search but no luck. I’d appreciate any form of help!

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