Old Movie, has vampires

This is an old movie, I saw it in a film class. It was black and white, I don’t think it was foreign but I could be mistaken.

A man visits a family at a mansion (may or may not be future in laws).

The only scene I can really remember is he goes into this dungeon like area, sees his fiance/wife lying on a table, it gets weird and he has all this makeup on and makes weird faces and smears his lipstick all over his face. The camera is up close to him.

Then I also remember lots of bats flying past him and it turns out to be the family who are vampires. It was a weird movie haha

3 thoughts on “Old Movie, has vampires

  1. “The Wicked” (1987)?

    It’s an Australian movie, originally called Outback Vampires. It’s not black & white, but most of it is blue tinted, I think. It also matches as far as plot. You can watch it in 9 parts on YouTube as Outback Vampires.

  2. I figured it out, it’s called “Hour of the Wolf” directed by Ingmar Bergman.

    Vampirism was not a big part of the movie, sorry I led with that hahah

  3. Glad you found it and thanks for letting us know, jesssiejo!

    And yeah, I wouldn’t have thought of “Hour of the Wolf” because I’d have been focused on researching vampire movies. Just goes to show how one little detail being off can really hurt your chances of finding your movie. But it all worked out this time.

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