Old man knocks on the door…

Hello there !

I remember this starting of the movie only, it seems the starting is set in an older time, something like 1900 and then the movie switches to modern times of which I don’t remember anything.

What I do remember:

A poor couple is inside a home with the fireplace on, the lady is cooking something, it’s very cold, snowing, and they’re speaking in a foreign language, yiddish? I somehow think.

They hear a knock on the door and a very old man, who they thought was already dead comes back, he enters the place, some kind of scuffle ensues and my memory jumps to the old man having a knife in his back and then he falls…

Then the movie starts with this premise.

I apologize, the only other thing I remember is that this is it’s a horror movie, which is obvious, maybe not.

Thank you in advance, in case you figure out which movie it is.


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