Old horror VHS

I am desperately searching for this movie so I can hopefully buy a copy for myself, I have special core memories tied to this movie…

I don’t remember any scenes from the movie, I’m not even sure I watched it, honestly… But I have one specific detail about it that you would immediately recognize if you know the movie or not… It’s an old horror movie(VHS) and on the front of the usual VHS sleeve case, it was a sorta interactive case, there was a picture of a face with actual tiny red light bulbs in place of the eyes and at the bottom of the case there was a button, and when you pressed the button, the eyes would flicker red and it would play the creepy, high pitched haunting tune… please for the love of god somebody help me find out what movie this is!!

the core memory tied to this movie is the face that my parents kept the movie (along with all their other really old horror movies) in these two cabinets at the bottom of the entertainment center and every time a storm came through and it would thunder really loud, that specific movie case would go off and start playing that creepy tune…


thank you for your time!!

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