old film poss 70s or 80s horror maybe british?

hi all

i  remember only one scene from this film, there a giant girl maybe early teens, and she crushes another tiny girl under her foot, i dont  know if shes a giant or normal size or what…. but i know i want to find out the name of the film so i can  watch it again.i am pretty sure this scene takes place in a conservatory or green house. the girl knows what shes doing its not an accident.


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4 thoughts on “old film poss 70s or 80s horror maybe british?

  1. “The Uncanny” (1977)?

    I think this is the one. It’s British, horror, and was released in the ’70s. It’s a horror anthology with three stories all dealing with cats. The 2nd one has a girl avenging her cat by using witchcraft to shrink her mean cousin and then steps on her! There doesn’t seem to be a greenhouse, but there are lots of plants. You can watch this movie on YouTube.

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