Old cartoon kids movie

Ok so: This movie I saw at a young age so it was probably made in the 80’s or 90’s.

Here’s what I remember from the plot: There was a little girl that was returning home from school, when she stopped to get some ice cream. When she went home she found a secret attic. In the attic there was an old trunk or box with dust on it. She opened the trunk and inside there was a book that also had dust on it. I believe she tried blowing or cleaning the dust off the book and that cause her to get sucked inside the book world. In the book she met a boy and they went on many adventures (I should say that I don’t remember if it was one or many adventures). I can recall a scene where they had to use honey (or something sticky) to close the mouths of some crocodiles. I remember the land of the book having an old medieval and magical theme with castles.That’s it!

I should probably also say that I think it was a 2d handrawn movie, colored and it was on a cassette. My version was translated to Greek so I can’t say for sure if it was originally in English. Thanks in advance.

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