Old (black and white?) movie

I was young when I saw it so I saw it okay tv In the mid to late 2000s

its starts with a young girl and her father rescuing a handsome man from drowning in a whirl pool. For wheatever reason (I think the father of this girl died) the girl goes looking for him and once reaching his house she looks through the window to see him and many other people dancing to swing music or something from that era.


She goes inside and the guy has either a gf or fiancé so the main girl is sad but still needs someplace to stay. She becomes one of the help at the house and she becomes close to an African American maid.



At one point of the movie movie the main girl is wearing a dress for a party or something. I don’t remember the ending of the movie but I think that the main girl and the man she fell in love with ended up together.

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