O.C.D. male protagonist is forced by his illness to do specific actions certain times otherwise people…

… near him will die in unfortunate accidents.

Hello, world! Can you help me?

Surely, this is kind of obscure movie. Possible genres: thriller/horror.

This movie introduces fully grown male protagonist that suffers from some kind of mental disorder, probably O.C.D. Some events in the actual plot line which I cannot recall from my memory right now leads to the situation, when our protagonist is forced (again – probably) by his illness to complete a set of tasks or actions repetitively specific number of times. These numbers appear in his perception of the world in creative ways at the beginning of every “special task” he faces in his everyday life. People dies in unfortunate set of events or in unclear accidents when he refuses to accomplish those “special tasks”. But it wasn’t always the case.

A few scenes:
1. Our protagonist dropped a cup of pencils (probably at his office). Pencils quickly formed themself into number 8. The task that was given to him was to drop a single pencil 8 times. Otherwise a secretary will die by falling down the stairs and breaking her neck.
2. Our protagonist as a young boy. He was jumping on the sidewalk, at the same time avoiding the edges of flagstones (you know, kids stuff). When he stepped on the edge, another kid was hit by a car.
3. Something similar to scene #1, but it involved emptying the garbage.

No more details, unfortunatelly 🙁

Thank you in advance!

Sorry for my mistakes, this isn’t my first language, I’m from Poland.
Poland cannot into space, as well as into recalling movies from the past 🙁

1 thought on “O.C.D. male protagonist is forced by his illness to do specific actions certain times otherwise people…

  1. Night Visions (TV anthology series)
    Martin (Malcolm McDowell) is brought into a mental hospital because of attacking a pedestrian where he is examined by Dr. Chritchley (Miguel Ferrer). Martin is an obsessive-compulsive who sees patterns and acts them out. He claims his patterns hold everything together: keeping ties the same color and planes in the air. In short, he has a contract with God. Chritchley doesn’t believe him and drugs him, and strange things start to happen. People kill themselves, fish drop out of the sky, and firemen start fires. Chritchley insists Martin teach him the patterns which he refuses to do, telling the doctor that now he has the contract.

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