Newlywed Curse?

The only things I remember:
One scene: Two newlyweds (I assume) are talking. The woman knows that something weird is going on and wants to tell the man but every time she goes to tell him, she sees this old woman walking toward their cottage. When she stops telling him, the woman turns around and walks the other way. She does this a couple times.
Another scene: The couple is in bed. The woman wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a ton of people standing around their bed. I guess she thinks it’s a dream bc she goes back to sleep and wakes up and their quilt is gone.
I apologize for how horrible this is. I tuned into the movie several years ago (2004-2007) when I was in high school and it just kind of freaked me out. All I know is that it’s a curse. I want to say that it takes place in rural England because of the cottage and the sort of old timey community, not counting the couple.

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