Need help with this movie

A group of girls is doing some crime (can’t remember if it’s bank heist or something else)

One of the girls got badly shot and is close to dying, they are trying to keep her alive at the backseat of the car. They drive to their hiding place, it looks like an abandoned warehouse.

One guy has followed them (I think he’s an fbi agent) They points their guns at him, but he says he can help the wounded girl. He tells the other girls what stuff he will need to save her.

The girls leaves her with him, that they realises he’s not a a threat, and they go finish their crime.

When they comes back the girl is in recovery and she is chilling with the guy on the couch.

I remember they have clothes on a rack in the warehouse (I think for disguise)

I hope this info is enough for one of you to know the movie, as it really bothers me that I can’t find it

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