Need help Escape Desert Town??

Hi guys ,been searching for this movie everywhere can’t seem to find it.its an older looking movie 80’s i think..

I saw it maybe 6 months ago streaming for free. I would describe it as a post apocalyptic dark comedy i guess.

Its about this young guy he has a van and he meets this girl as he is driving. he picks her up and they have sex a lot as they are on there road trip. they have sex in his van near the beach. and he basically tries breaking up with her. So she gets mad and punches him in the face and knocks him out.

He then wakes up chained to a bed. and she is wearing a wedding dress. i think they got married while he was passed out. and she shows him the wedding pictures. the town he wakes up in is run by some big pa guy that has a gun and kills anyone that tries to leave. the town is in the desert surrounded by mountains.

the young guy eventually escapes with another girl he ends up liking in the town. I thought the movie was called something like “welcome to boom boom city” but nothing came up.

hopefully you guys can solve the mystery lol. thanks.

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