Nasally-voiced girl in possibly 80s-early 90s movie

I watched this in the late 90’s but my guess would be it came out in the 80’s. Unfortunately I only remember one strange line. A nasally-voiced girl (or possibly a woman acting like a childish girl) is wearing a frilly dress and says something along the lines of “sometimes I put alka seltzer in the toilet… I like to watch them bubble”. For some reason I thought it may have been the Incredible Shrinking Woman but after watching it isn’t. But it had similar vibes and the woman/girl may have looked kind of like Lily Tomlin? All I know for sure is the thing about the alka seltzer :/ Help!

5 thoughts on “Nasally-voiced girl in possibly 80s-early 90s movie

  1. Found it! Well my mother did. Lily Tomlin did a bit on the show Laugh In where she dressed as a little girl in a big chair.

    1. Correction: After some research I discovered it was an Edith Ann bit included on the TV version of The Incredible Shrinking Woman, but not the VHS or DVD version. Solved

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