Murder mystery

what’s that movie where the guy reenacts the murder to make it seem like he didn’t really commit that same murder

he gets bitten by a dog and special orders weird Italian running shoes

He’s saying he wants to prove that the murder is fake and the police did it but he did

He’s like a reporter I think. It’s not that old. Later 90’s 2000’s

So what happens is there’s this murder and this guy sees (not witnessed it saw it on the news) the murder and him and his friend are like no way that this is actually how it happened like it could happen anyway the police are just saying that this is the way it is so he does as he gets together with his friend and they try and prove that all the stuff that the police used as like specific evidence to use against one guy was just possible that anyone could have that so they get all the stuff online and they like get those weird Italian shoes that the murder was supposed be wearing and like he shows that you could just have a dog scar but we don’t see on screen when the dog bites him so we just have to assume that the dog bit him right then.

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