Movie with two chess games, simultaneous

I don’t remember a lot about the movie, it must be old, pre 2000.

I remember a scene where a woman plays a double chess game with two renowned chess champions. She plays the games simultaneously, in two different games, and it’s a trick because she plays the moves of the first champion against the second. So in effect the two champions are playing against each other, via the woman. In the end she ends up winning both games I think (yes, completely unrealistic).

Other details I remember are vague: I think the games took place on a boat cruise. She was helped by a man, her friend, and maybe the movie was about “honorable thieves”, ie the man and the woman are thieves.


5 thoughts on “Movie with two chess games, simultaneous

    1. It is a three-part TV mini-series based on Sidney Sheldon’s novel, and Madolyn Smith is the one who plays the simultaneous chess game on an ocean liner in the last part (if I remember correctly). Here is a clip (not the actual chess game):

  1. I have hoping someone would solve this. I don’t believe If Tomorrow Comes is it. I remember reading a book about exactly this – it’s prior to cell phones. The spectators were in 2 different rooms and could not leave the room. That way no one would know that the woman was imitating each move her opponent was doing – so essentially the champions were playing each other! That’s how she won both games.

  2. I did not watch If Tomorrow Comes yet, but it sure looks like it was the movie I was looking for. I also remember what you say about spectators in two different rooms – but why do you think this is not If Tomorrow Comes ?

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