Movie/ TV special from mid 2000’s??

In the movie a girl hooks up with her then boyfriend in his car in the beginning. Next she jumps five years into her future and her last memories are in the back of that car. She is getting married to the same boyfriend. She jumps forward another five and finds out she has a kid who she nicknames her little panda. Another five and someone close to her was killed who was about to tell her something. Another five and she finds out her husband cheated with the friend and killed them to not let it get out. Ends with it all being a premonition and she was in the car the whole time and yells at the guy to get away. She then asks her mom to hold her and call her little panda because her daughter was made up.

2 thoughts on “Movie/ TV special from mid 2000’s??

    1. That’s a good guess but it’s not quite it. There were multiple time jumps and then one big flash back. Not so much alternate reality type thing

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