Movie Trailer from 2020/2021

Trying to identify the movie from a trailer I’ve seen multiple times over the past year or so. Hopefully I’m not combining multiple movies, but here’s the main points I remember from the trailer:

  • Couple visiting empty seaside town
  • Old man (thought it was Vincent D’Onofrio but not not sure) repeatedly tells them a story about something that happened in the town…maybe his story changes during the final telling?
  • Close up of clock changing time (I know that the name of the movie was a mystery to me several times I saw the trailer…but I had gotten the idea that maybe the title itself was a specific time [i.e. “6:30”] or something like that)
  • Nighttime, (on a dock?), the woman is standing alone and someone/something sneaks up behind her? Someone is watching and calls out to notify them of the danger

I think that’s all I have

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