Movie about a transexual and a kidnapper on the run

I remember watching a movie about 5 or 6 years ago. I think it started with a guy being held hostage by a group of people, maybe kidnapped. He was then guarded by only one person, and the 2 of them would start a discussion about the hostage’s girlfriend. He asked the guard to find her at a bar and buy her a margarita, her favorite drink. I think the hostage somehow manages to break out, he starts running through some woods, the guard is chasing behind, aiming at him with a gun but refuses to shoot him in the back. The hostage on the run eventually reaches a road and gets hit by a military truck (i think it was), dying. The guard is then shown visiting the bar that the hostage mentioned his girlfriend to be hanging around in, buys her a margarita and is soon about to have sex with her, but realizes she’s actually a transexual, and throws up. I don’t remember much after that, but I think that later in the movie, the former guard is trying to help him/her while being chased by the cops or something like that. The transexual girlfriend eventually dresses more like a male, the former guard gives her a gun and asks her to run off. That’s all i can recall. I think I’d watched it on tv, not black and white.

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