movie about a girl perved/abused by father/stepfather

This is very difficult cause I didnt saw the complete film, only parts of it. I was very young and wasnt allowed to watch adult movies so I was sneaking at late hours to watch tv and usually catched parts of this film. I saw this film dubbed in spanish, so Im not sure about its original language. But I would say it was an american film. Color film, right.

This is what I remember: a blonde teen (maybe in her 16 but actress was probably older) lived with her family. Her father/stepfather (I think it was her stepfather) had some creepy habits towards her. Sometimes he was staring at her with a creepy look, and making her uncomfortable. Her mother was complete unaware of this. I remember in one scene he entered her room naked, while she was on her bed, and started talking (dont remember if it showed actual nudity or just implied) then he reprehended her for letting him in (very odd). The girl had a boyfriend, and when the father/stepfather knew about that he started to act violently. He attacked her, called her a whore and I think tried to rape her, then she shouted she was still a virgin and the man released her and hugged her like he was repented (WTF) . There are other unclear scenes and I only remember clearly that she killed him at the end (dont remember how or if she was alone or had help from others).

I would say the film was american, but maybe it could have been canadian or even european. None of the actors looks familiars to me. As I said, the girl was blonde with long straight hair. The man was thin, tall and had light beard. I saw this film in early 2000 and I assume it was from 1992-1998. It was a small boring film, but I want to watch it again and learn what the hell was really happening. I looked thru IMDB, checking tags like “abusive stepfather” and so, but nothing.

Im sure this film is NOT “the stepfather” nor any of their secuels. Not an horror film, more likely a drama. I dont think it had strong sexual scenes or nudity and if it has it was only briefly male. Most probably a tv movie, or even a chapter inside a series. As the story was really plain and boring, maybe it was based on real events

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  1. It has a similar plot, but No. I ve seen that movie and it is darker and I think better movie.
    In the movie Im looking for the main character is the girl I dont remember is she had a brother but if she did, then it was a little kid

  2. Might be American Beauty (1999) or both Lolita (1997) or Lolita (1962). Pretty sure it’s American Beauty based on her saying she’s a virgin and him hugging her.

    1. No. is not a hollywood film, it is a small film. None of the actors are famous or easily recognisable.
      American Beauty
      The Stepfather
      The Quiet
      The War Zone
      Face to Face
      Glass house
      Bastard out of Carolina
      Twin Peaks

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