Movie about a band waking up from a hangover?

The film itself starts with a guy whose hair is dyed blue, he wakes up hungover or something and I think there was a corpse in his pool? I don’t remember, that might be from another movie, but the main character had blue hair. And he was the lead singer of a band, and one of the other band members whore a top hat I think, and he told the main character’s girlfriend something about how he was a dick because “the biggest dick gets the most pussy” (okay, honestly, it wasn’t such a good film, but for some reason it kills me that I can’t remember the name). And I can only remember that there was a gay character played by a guy who didn’t wear makeup or womens clothing or anything, he just had feminine gestures, and I think the actor must have been really good because for the first thirty seconds he was on screen, I though he was a woman with short hair. That’s how well he played the role of a feminine gay man. I don’t remember much else, ti was a comedy and things kept getting worse for the characters as night approached, and I remember the lead singer slapping his agent at some point, though I might have missremembered, but I do know their agent/producer/whoever he was, kept asking the lead singer to sign something, but I forgot what. I honestly can’t remember that much more.

I don’t remember when exactly I saw it, between 2005 and 2015, I have no idea when I saw it or how I even found it. I watched it at a time when I saw the Pineapple Express and Project X, so it might be a similar movie that someone recommended based on the fact that I had seen those films.

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