Monster movie i saw in 1997-2001


I saw a movie from 1997-2001, it was on TV and it was in color.

Basically i remember in the beginning a man who was a plane or spaceship pilot mutated in his cabin as his vessel crashed in the forest. He then started lurking the forest by killing campers, kids, even killed a dog (and later the ownerd of the dog who came looking for his pet). He killed people (and animals) by sucking all their juices out with some straw that came out of it’s body. I also remember that at the end some teens (or mid 20s) guys killed it with fire.

If someone can help, I would be thankful.

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      1. If they don’t come back to confirm within 24 hours, usually they aren’t coming back at all. Sometimes you do get surprises, though.

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