Medieval comedy about alien abduction.

Weird title, yes, but i remember this movie maybe made inthe late 80s or early 90s. At first I thought it was a monthy pyton movie, but I was wrong.

Things I remember are:

– a short aliens abducts a knight or king (the leader of the party) and a princess soon to be his bride along a priest a french guy whoo wants the princess to himself and a few others.

– These aliens have sex by touching their index fingers

– the leader orders one of his knights to have “sex” with the alien in order to make him talk about how to return home, he thes cuts the finger of a glove  and gives it to his knight as a “condom” but he refuses it,

-I recall this alien takes them to their leaders (dont remember why thought) but at the end he helps them to escape,

– other thing I remember is the evil aliens make a clone of the leader and makes him fight against each other.

Hopefully someone can help me with this. Thx.


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  1. Thanks Jennagain! And I swear I marked this solved, if it turns up not marked solved we will know we have WordPress gremlins for sure!

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