man takes son and fakes death

ok hoping some one will know what the name of this movie is. i think it is Ashley judd who plays the part of the mother. she gives her son to his father for a visitation and the father is going to take the boy sailing. a storm brews ( i think) and the boat is found with no man or boy on board. she thinks they are dead and moves on and marries another man. years later friends of hers come around after they get back from a holiday. they brag that they have a home movie of a dive/tour that they went on and while playing the home movie the mother sees her ex husband who supposedly died with their son on the sailing trip. turns out he faked their death and moved overseas and opened up a dive/tour business and changed their names. she then goes over to try and locate and see if it is in fact her dead ex husband and if he survived did her son also survive. i believe the movie may have aired around the early 90s was american based. thank you

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