Man Spying on Woman Across the Street

It’s a suspense/thriller where a man spies on a woman in her apartment from a building across the street.  It’s shown from the point of view of the woman’s apartment mostly.  It’s from at least the mid 2000s and it’s not “Buddy Boy(1999)” or “The Resident(2011)”.  Sorry if it’s vague, I honestly can’t remember any more than the spying and that it’s mostly in the woman’s apartment.

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    1. No, it’s not Disturbia. The point of view is mostly focused around the woman, and there’s one man and one woman that the plot is focused around.

    1. Unfortunately not. I want to say it wasn’t that stalker-y or creeper-y, but I can’t be sure. I know, though, that it wasn’t that poor image quality. I wish I could remember if I watched it on Netflix or if I watched it on a premium movie channel(HBO, Cinemax, Showtime) on demand so I could know approximately what year it was.

  1. It’s either between mid-2000s and 2009(or probably 2009) or mid-2000s and 2012(or probably 2011). I say this because the image quality looked to be at least around 2004 or 2005, and I either watched it on HBO/Cinemax/Showtime on Demand in early 2009(I was home from school at the time and I watched pretty much every comedy and suspense, horror, and thriller movie on there, so if it was on there it can’t be newer than 2009) or Netflix in probably 2012(when I first started using Netflix in 2012 I just rampaged my way through any horror, suspense, or thriller movie that was suggested to me after watching one, so it couldn’t be newer than 2012).

  2. Add.: Since I can’t edit a post, I want to say that in my last post, I was watching suspense, horror, and thriller movies; this definitely wasn’t a horror movie. It was a suspense or thriller movie, I just happened to be watching horror movies along with them, so if a movie you’re thinking of is a straight up horror movie, it’s not it.

  3. I also remember that the woman passed out at some point in the movie. Dunno if she was drugged, but if that helps, I just remembered that, if anyone has seen the movie.

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