Man in dentist chair disappears!! (late 1950’s B & W)

Back in the 60’s there was a movie of the day for kids to coincide with after we got home from school. I think it was called The Big Show on WABC channel 7. Anyways, there was one movie that blew my mind and I’ve never been able to find out its title. After doing some research it’s like it never existed. Ok, here it goes…

It started out, from what I can remember,with this guy who kind of looked like Bob Crane sitting in a dentist chair. He’s ready to get his tooth pulled, or some such similar procedure , and the dentist turns around to face him and he has disappeared ! But not only that, the only thing left were his smoking/dry ice clothes in the dentist chair. The dentist was naturally freaked.
Cut to The Dark Ages in France. He’s running around naked because his clothes are back in the 20th century dentist chair and the only thing I remember is he gets caught and an old French lady cackling and yelling for his execution by yelling “Ze guillotine! Ze guillotine!! They’re about to chop his head off and he disappears and winds up back in the 20th century dentist chair. The End.

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