Looks like an arty movie, European, something

Hi! So, I joined this site so you can help me with this…

I must have watched this movie as part of the, you know, Golden Choice midnight catalog. It’s been a while. I kept on changing channels to see if something better was on, of course (I didn’t want midnight movies for the plot back then) so I saw scenes not continuously, but I’ve been remembering the story lately and hours of searching haven’t yielded results. So…

Since I was watching the movie late at night, I couldn’t hear the language but the names sounded European. The characters were two girls, one long-haired blonde and a short-haired redhead or light-browned girl. I caught the movie halfway so here’s what I remember:

In one scene, Blonde Girl is swimming, topless, and Redhead goes and scares her.

Then, Blondie is having sex (the scene is kinda dark, in the sense it seems it’s shot in a dark room and you can’t really see anything) and then it seems like the Redhead interrupts her. Of course, anger ensues and then it’s like Blondie’d been having sex in her parents’ basement and everyone is angry at her.

Next scene I remember: Blondie’s sitting with guy who she probably had sex with. He says he’s grossed out by her.

Then, the movie ends like this: it looks like Redhead has placed notes for Blondie all over the house and she’s crying. Then comes this Older Man who might be Blondie’s dad and keeps trying to cheer Redhead up. He even says something like “It’s ok if you cry so much because you’ll pee less.” While this takes place, scenes of Blondie going around alone, doing things that look like peaceful and good (like, finding herself and such) are interwoven. However, after one of those scenes Older Man is making out with Redhead (I remember thinking TOO MUCH TV FOR TODAY, but my curiosity was piqued). Well, they’re making out so hard that the Older Man pulls the Redhead’s top or whatever she’s wearing down and she’s topless too. He then pushes her away, saying that’s wrong, and she kinda follows him around, like throwing a tantrum, like trying to get him to have sex with her and he doesn’t want to and then I don’t remember this all clearly, but either he falls off the stairs while trying to run away from Redhead or Redhead pushes him. Blondie gets there and starts crying and Redhead says something like “Now you’re just like me” and the film ends.

I’ve been googling similar descriptions to this for hours and I just gave up. I’d like to see that movie again just to understand the messed-up ending scene, because back then I just turned the TV off, too much! Please?

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