Looking for a movie about a girl locked in a building with a raven and a corpse

My native language is not English, so I apologize for any mistakes.

The film is not less than 15-20 years old. Old thriller, old film, 80s-90s.
One heroine is blonde or red-haired in a business suit. She comes to the home of some architect (an apartment for an entire floor under the roof of a skyscraper) and brings documents or a package.
The door is open, the owner of the house is not. She decides to wait for him and walks around the apartment.
Many rooms, tame crow. Each room has its own project: layouts, lighting, music for the mood. And so she goes into a gloomy office. And there the owner of the house is dead, and a raven bites him.
 The girl is frightened, runs to the door, the door closes in front of her nose. She hears sounds, footsteps, realizes that she is not alone in the house, but no one is visible.
The girl runs through the rooms, takes a chair, but all the furniture is attached to the floor. She climbs on cabinets, knocks on windows, but no one hears her - high.
She grabs a chair, tries to break the window, but it's too strong. The raven flies, scares. Then the door opens, the girl carefully takes her coat, goes out, goes down, gets into a taxi (yellow). He turns through the rear window to that floor - and there is a silhouette. She is leaving. End.
This is definitely not "Scissors" 1991 - there are more actors, there is one girl.
I didn't find such a movie here.

4 thoughts on “Looking for a movie about a girl locked in a building with a raven and a corpse

  1. I know you’ve said this isn’t Scissors, but it’s the very same plot/end of the story. Just wanted to verify it’s a film in English. Could it. be a foreign film Scissors was based on? I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you – now I’ve got to know what is so similar to that Sharon Stone picture!

  2. Sorry and thanks, this really is “Scissors”!

    For some reason, his memory divided him into two films, and I was completely sure that it was not him.

    How to mark what has been resolved?

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