late 80’s or 90’s black comedy, guy locked out of his appartment

It’s a comedy of situations with a lot of hints of black humour.

The movie begins showing a man getting off from his word on a Friday evening. He somehow get’s locked out of his appartment and then his comic adventure starts. We follow him through the night where he meets all different kinds of people in shaggy places who make his life miserable while the only thing he craves for is to return to the safety of his home. You kind of feel sorry for this guy but in the end I think that he reevaluates his life and/or way of living.

The movie is in english (I thing american but may as well be british), in colour and I had watched it in the cinema circa 2003

5 thoughts on “late 80’s or 90’s black comedy, guy locked out of his appartment

  1. I thought of After Hours too… the only thing that held me back from suggesting it is that Tripokaridos says he watched the movie in the cinema in 2003, which is way off the time frame (unless it was a revival).

  2. I assumed it was a revival since he said “late 80’s or 90’s” AND “might have watched it in the cinema circa 2003.” I can’t remember any similar film that would have gotten a theatrical run around that time.

  3. It is! it is “After Hours” Thank you Landon Deaton for your help. And I had no idea it was a Scorsese film. irtmadmin yes it was a revival as you said. Also I am from Greece and movies take a long time to come here lol

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