Kind of a dark movie

I watched this on TV in the 90s. I’m pretty sure it was a movie, as it had a long list of rolling credits. I wanna say mayyyyybe River Phoenix, but I’m not sure on that. One guy had that pretty bad boy look though. I only caught the end of the movie and have always wanted to watch it.

The part I seen is that 2 guys ended up at a farmhouse that was dim lit. I think maybe mother and daughter lived there. The daughter definitely seemed to know who the guys were, so she was probably involved through the movie. The daughter was probably in her 20s, with really dark hair. She went upstairs while the guys were in the livingroom talking to the mother (which seemed to be an inappropriate interaction). She made herself all pretty and dressed up (I think in a dark red dress, but it might have been black)… then she grabbed a gun and went outside and shot herself under a tree in the rain. The guys realized something was wrong and found her. The final scene in the movie was the one guy who kinda resembled River Phoenix (might not be)… he was walking down the street in a deserted looking town. He walked into an old car dealership with busted out windows and sat up on the hood of a car as a cat walked across and trash blew across the floor.

That’s all I remember and I’ve asked on a few different sites over the years with no luck. If anyone knows this movie, that would be awesome!!


3 thoughts on “Kind of a dark movie

    1. YES!! Some of the details were off, but you nailed it! I’ve been trying to find this movie for years. Lol. Thank you!!!

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