Kidnapped Grandson in Grandma scam movie

Okay, so I watched a movie a couple years ago that I think came out pretty recently, give or take 2013-2015.


I can’t remember the name of the movie but I know I streamed it online.


There are no really well-known actors who star in it which doesn’t make it very easy to find.

The plot that I can remember is that there is a man who scams Grandmas by calling them up and pretending to be their grandchildren and asking them for money. He tries to do this to a grandma but it turns out she died and now her young adult/teenage grandson lives at her house and receives the call. Now that the scammer is in a tricky situation, he goes to the house, knocks on the door, and beats up the grandson, tying him to a chair in the kitchen. The film is set in a small American town, quite rural. The grandson goes to a local bar (I think?) and befriends a middle aged woman.


The guy who plays the grandson I know is not a well known actor, I can’t think of anything else he has been in. I also remember that he was an odd name, and in the film had long blonde hair.


I would really appreciate it if anyone who knew could help me!! Thanks

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