Insane man

I have been looking for this movie since I was a small child. I don’t really recall what it’s about, but I think it takes place in the 70s or early 80s. It seemed to take place where there are a lot of trailers. The kind movie stars use. Maybe it took place on a movie set, I don’t know. I think the main character was a woman, she befriends a man, I think he is blonde. The man at first appears to be the love interest or at least another main protagonist. I didn’t pay much attention to details because I was so young, but the next thing I remember was the man chasing someone, I don’t remember if it was the woman but the person ran up the stairs into one of the trailers and it cuts to the man running up the stairs after her/him he was wearing white, all white I think and he had blood on his clothes. The camera pointed directly down the stairs at the man running up, he had a crazed look on his eyes. This is all I remember. It was most likely a thriller rather than horror.

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