Indentured Servant

I am hoping to find the name of a movie about an indentured servant. It is set in colonial America. It was on television in the early 80’s and may have been a made-for-tv movie. It was probably made in the late 70’s or very early 80’s.

The servant is a young white man with about shoulder length dark hair that he sometimes wore in a low ponytail (like Ben Franklin). I think he wore a loose white shirt and dark pants throughout the movie, sometimes with a dark coat on. He is working on a farm that is run by a cruel man.

One scene that stands out is when he is milking a cow, he squirts a few streams of milk into his mouth. A woman sees him do this and reports him to the farmer. This is considered stealing and for it he is whipped with a rope with knots in it.

Later in the movie he runs away and lives in the forest. I think a young boy finds him there and helps him live. The farmer considers him dead and sells his indenturment to another man–perhaps the young boy’s grandfather? When the servant learns of this he returns to finish his servitude.

I welcome any suggestions or hints people have! Thank you!


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