Illegal Long Racing

I saw this comedy movie about 15 years ago (around 2004). I dont know the actors and since it was a dubbed movie (saw it at TV) I’m not sure if it was in English or any other language, but I think it was a German movie (not sure though). It was a colored movie.

The plot was like this: A man (main character of the movie, we will call him “the man”) loses an exotic car when a container drops on top of it and crashes it. Since it wasn’t his car, the owner of the car (which was the bad guy of the movie) gets angry and asks the man to pay him back but he didn’t have the money. Therefore, the bad guy asks him to participate in an illegal racing which had a great prize, so the man can pay him back with it.

So this man, which had a daughter (I think he was a single dad) participates in this race. Here are some of the participants that were on this race:

– A single mom (will call her “the woman”) with her daughters
– A fat guy with a very small car (like Mini) which was VERY talkative
– A rich guy with a Pink Mercedes-Benz (the car had a female-voiced personal assistant of some sort)
– I don’t remember the rest unfortunately…

The race was very long which took several days to complete. They drivers had designated places for resting the night. There was also a police squad in this movie (with a clumsy female officer as the main police officer in the film). They were looking for the illegal racers.

The talkative man helps hitchhikers in between the race, but everytime someone enters his car, he starts talking non-stop which made the hitchhikers to leave him. Finally he says to himself that he will not talk a word anymore! The last hitchhiker enters his car, and guess what? The hitchhiker happens to be a talkative person too, only this time the fat guy is silent and the hitchhiker talks.

The rich guy always talks with his assistant. He talked a lot with her and finally he gets tired of her and drives his car in a tunnel which leads to exploding his car. He gets out of the tunnel, happy to be free and getting rid of the assistant.

In between the movie, the man and his daughter get to know the woman and her daughters. The woman was desperate for the grand prize because her family had a very tough life.

At the end, the man was about to win the race and was happy. However, the woman was behind him; so the man’s daughter forces her dad to let the woman win the race because of their situation. The dad disagrees at first but finally he let them win the race and then finishes in second position.

The bad guy, very angry, then comes to the man and asks why he lost the game, and so on. At this time, the female officer comes from behind and points an object to back of the bad guy (to resemble a gun) and then arrests him.

Thats all I remember from this movie.

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