Identify short episodic animated cartoon possibly named “Help”

I’m looking for information on this animated cartoon made of very short (1-2 min) episodes. Its name might have been simply “Help”, though I can’t find mentions of it anywhere online.

The main character always had an ill fate; in one episode in particular he is stranded on an island, and finds a bottle of water. The bottle seems to have infinite water, and the character drinks from and bathes in it, and eventually the water overflows the TV screen and he presumably drowns.

In another episode, which I remember with less clarity, he dances on top of a tree stump and the surface of the stump turns soft and quicksand-like. The character sinks into it, and only his hair remains not ‘submerged’ into the tree stump, making it look like the stump was sprouting, with his hair strands looking like the leaves of the sprout.

Here’s a drawing of the main character, drawn to the best of my memory:


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