i need to find this movie

The movie is about a dad being followed around and harrassed by this guy who is a murderer .one day tichard was in a donut shop or coffee shop and this man whacked the cashier with some type of pan. Next i remember richard tried to help the young man by draggin him to the back of the store to help him n get him out of there then the killer knocked them both out and richard wakes up sees the dead body and screams then the murderer stops the car and tells him help him get rid of the body so the dragged the man under a bridge into this tunnel…richard daughter is a young child and lost her mother they have a house keeper,his daughter plays soccer and her mom ring was missing for a long time but her father doesnt know she collected it  as a souveneir of all the victims she killed just like the glasses of the little boy that went missing who was found in her home in her basement which is the reason why lately noticing ants in their home but the little girl plays outside with the missing boy remote control car

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