I need title for these 2 movies please

First movie:

A group of girls does some bank heists, they drive a fancy sport car and is all dressed up in black coats and wigs. They hides in an abandoned warehouse. Some of the girls got injured, and one of the guys that are after them helps her out, and he is kept as a hostage.

Second movie:

I only have few infos about this one so hopes it’s enough.

A group of guys does a bank heist that goes all wrong, the main actor is giving (or stole it, can’t really remember) his boss yellow GT sports car (it looks like an old GT Mustang) and I believe he is his uncle. And I remember they have lots of meetings outside in the garden at this rich house.

Really hope all this info is enough

10 thoughts on “I need title for these 2 movies please

    1. More info to the first movie. I remember they have a wardrobe with cloths in the warehouse, and the one girl is really bad injuried (she got shot) and the hostage guy stitch her up. I remember after she recovered that she is chilling with the guy on the couch

    1. I love that movie, but yeah it’s not that one. The boss/uncle is an older man, think he had grey hair if I don’t remember wrong

    1. No it’s not that one either. I mostly remember that warehouse scene where the girl gang hides. And that one of the girls got very bad injured, and that the guy that followed them (think he is fbi or some other agent) and that he fixes her while the rest of the girls go out to finish their business. And I remember after the girl recovered that they are just killing on the couch having fun.

      The rest is a bit blurry, so think I mixed up the bank robbery with some other movie. So can’t really remember what kind of crime it is they are doing. Hope this helps a bit

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