Horror With Pond/Lake & Lilypads

I saw this somewhere between the mid and late 1980s on TV when I was very young.  Not sure if it was a movie or TV episode.  No idea when it would have originally come out, but it was definitely in color.  It had a horror tone to it.  I remember strong visuals of a pond or lake containing lilypads.  There was a little girl in it, along with some kind of “being”.  I don’t remember what this being looked like, and I don’t know if it was alive, dead, undead, or reanimated.  I think it may have been human, and I want to say dead but came back to life, but I don’t know for sure, and I just can’t picture a face.  The gender would have been male.  I think this “being” came out of the pond, and the only other thing I remember was that it gave the little girl a flower (or maybe it was the other way around, and the little girl gave the being a flower).  For some reason, whatever it was, the girl did not seem afraid of it.  It was almost like a fatherly figure.  I don’t remember any dialog, and I don’t know what ended up happening after that.

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    1. This isn’t it, but the resemblance of this scene from Frankenstein (1931) to my description is uncanny. I remember it being in color. I realize this clip has been colorized, but from what I understand, the movie was never officially colorized, and wouldn’t have been broadcast on TV in color. I believe the scene I remember was more atmospheric, and I think the girl was more central to the plot. I wonder if this scene was an inspiration to what I am looking for. Great suggestion. Thank you.

  1. Schlock (1973)
    The Incredible Hulk (1977) [pilot movie for the series]

    both of these films featured a homage/spoof of the flower girl scene.

    1. Great suggestions, but it wasn’t either of those. I do wonder if it was one of those horror TV shows from the 1970s/80s instead of a movie, but my extensive searching has come up empty. I just don’t know. Thanks, though.

  2. I think I figured this out. Zombie Lake (1981). Nazi zombies emerge from a lake loaded with lilypads, and kill people. One of the zombies finds his illegitimate daughter, and is kind to her. He gives her a necklace that sort of looks like a flower. What the hell was I watching on TV when I was 5, LOL.

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