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greetings, ok so let me start by saying that if you have the movie  thever mummy  with Brandon Frasier on tape then you  have seen a part from  the movie im about  to describe in a trailer for universal horror  movies, but anyway let’s get started.

OK so the scene  is a guy that walks through a hallway  big enough that it looks like he’s in a school, he stops at a door for a moment before going in the room, the roomore it’s self is almost as big as the hallway was  across the room there was three windows that were long (like ceiling to floor long).there  was a desk near the wall opposite the windows close to where the man had entered,  sitting behind the desk there was either a woman or a girl  (child) sitting there, who proceeds to talk to the man, then something happens where the room gets dark and cold,a cool wind wisks  through the entire room blowing the white satin curtains hung from the windows, paint is peeling from the walls, papers are blowing everywhere scattered throughout the room,not only WAs the room different but the gil/woman behind the desk was also, her skin was grey and clammy, eyes completely black,  her teeth were sharp as well as her nails, she says something to the man (don’t remember what) and jumps over the top of the desk at the man with her mouth open screaming as she jumped at him, showing her disgustingly yellow teeth, as soon as that hapens the room lightens  up again. The air is still,nothing is being blown anywhere and now there’s no girl In the room at all. the man leaves the room and stands there for a moment wondering what the hell just happened. That’s the only scene I remember from the movie cause I remember my father refused to let me see it at the time that my mother’s best friends son was showing it to  him  whigh was sometime in the 90’s, the exact release of this (what I hope to be) movin I’m not really sure of, but I wanna say it was out sometime in the 8th or 90’s, anyway if you have any ideas on what movie this scene belongs too please tell me the  name of it, thank you!


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    1. Ok drean this helps a little cause now I know it’s a Wes craven movie, the scene I have described is in the previews after the people under the stairs guy says something like “very very tense about this”

    1. I watched the video you posted and I saw the girl I described in the previews for wes craven thrillers, I totally missed the part where she bites the guys neck but the description definitely matches still trying to find it online.

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