Horror movie and i remember only 3-4 scenes.

Hello, my name is Ademir and i watched this horror movie about 3-4 years ago.(My english is not bad but ill try my best)

I remember only 3-4 scenes from this movie.

The beggining is 2 guys are driving in a jeep, one dude is bloody and they entered in a something like a bar. I remember that it was in the desert and there were some sort of a ghosts around them when they were driving.

I remember also one scene where was a lot of people i think satanists, they were doing some sort of a ritual.

I remember also that one dude hitted one girl with a car and he entered one abandoned hospital, and he was talking to a “doctor” to try to save that girl, he cutted her stomach to touch her lungs and he killed her, and that doctor was smiling and that “doctor” was not a doctor lol.

And in the ending i found that that movie was some sort of a loop, that everything is repeating.

Thats it


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