HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

so i just rememebr two scenes from this movie, in one scene it appears to be in like a deserty place or so and i just remember a classroom with young kids and some guy walks in with a gun and starts to shoot them, i want to say maybe its in egypt or the middle east? im not sure, the next scene is of a white lady from the states i think she maybe like an archeologist or a researcher of some sort and a couple times she sees this man on top of a sandy hill and the guy has like cloth covering him and his head and his face is like sunken in and hes skinny also his hand is like messed up, this lady takes him in and puts him in a bed and tries to take care of him and weird things start to happen, that is all i remember, i apologize for any errors in punctuation or spelling, was trying to type this fast, whoever can give me the name of this movie is the most awesome person as ive been in search of this movie forever since i watched only a little bit in theaters and havent been able to remember the the title in years

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  1. “Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist”.

    NOT “Exorcist: The Beginning” directed by Renny Harlin. There are two versions of what is basically the same story. The one called “Dominion” is the one you’re after.

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