Help Identifying Horror Movie

Can someone help me identify a horror movie? I watched it in 2002, so it’s older than that. It has an 80s vibe to it. The scene I remember was of a child, between 8 and 12, on Halloween out trick or treating in a clown costume. The child goes to cross the street and the killer crosses going the opposite direction. When they meet in the middle of the street, the killer stabs the child in the stomach with a chef knife and keeps going, leaving the child bleeding in the street, choking on their blood.
That is the only scene I can remember because I wasn’t yet a fan of horror and was hiding under a blanket most of the movie 😂 I have searched the Internet many times and have asked the horror buffs I know and can find nothing. Hopefully someone here can help me figure out what movie it was. Now that I’m older I’m dying to actually watch it!
It is not Trick R Treat. I sadly was too young to care who the actors were. The movie was in English

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