Help I need help with this movie.

So I started watching this movie in the late 90’s, early 00’s. It might’ve been made sooner since I was a little kid and I was just looking through my uncles VHS but I recall it was an animated movie (might’ve been a show). It was in black and white but whenever a character spilled blood, you could see the red. There was this really old man with a long beard that only had a torn black piece of cloth to cover his junk and he always teleported the main character to his dimension, which was an empty dessert with only one cactus (this I remember being in full color). The main character (if I remember correctly) was all black, a big dude (like a bear build), with white stubby crab hands with a white mask.

I’ve been searching for this all over the internet and I just can’t find anything anywhere about it. Please help.

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